10 Amazing Benefits of Dry Fasting

Did you know that dry fasting can help you feel better and sharper, and can even help you to lose weight faster? That’s right, dry fasting is really a great tool to help your body out, and it has a lot more benefits than you might initially think. People have fasted for literally thousands of years, but for the most part it has been for spiritual or religious reasons more than for their health. That’s why evidence around fasting is still relatively fresh, but what we know at this point in time is more than enough that doctors and health care specialists have started recommending intermittent dry fasting daily in order to get those unique health benefits.


Here are 10 amazing benefits of dry fasting


You might feel more energized.

We are going to have to get a little technical for a moment, but stay with us here. When you are eating regularly, your body most likely isn’t properly digesting and storing your energy sources properly, and that could leave you feeling fatigued or sleepy throughout the day. When you eat a donut, for example, your body is going to try to either use or store that sugar you are giving it.

Of course donuts aren’t known for their health benefits or nutritional value, so your body isn’t going to get much out of it. If you store the sugar from a donut, your body isn’t going to have room to store an energy source that might take you farther, and this can lead to that drowsy feeling people get midway through the day. The interesting thing about dry fasting, though, is that it forces your body to use those stored energy sources in order to keep going, basically opening you up to better opportunities. The choices that we make with our health follow us for a lot longer than we think, but fasting is a good way to sort of reset our diet and give our body better sources of fuel.

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