10 jobs that will disappear by 2030


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with the improvement of contactless payments from apple pay and even the rise of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, there has been more and more talk in recent years of the possibility of a world without cash one thing is certain the management of payments is no longer necessary when everyone is no longer on board, some still choose to use cash to better track their expenses, the end of the cashier seems inevitable given that checkouts and self-service kiosks are already widely used in large grocery chains and even fast food outlets like McDonald’s.


Fast food cooker:

automation could be coming soon as fast food chains want to run their businesses at lower cost. In fact, a 2013 study found that automation will likely affect jobs in fast food restaurants by 81% in the coming years. Fast food cooks, in particular, could lose their jobs. As their businesses begin to use modern technologies to streamline operations and reduce expenses, this is already happening. Cali Burger pilots an automated workforce with AI-driven kitchen workers flipping burgers.


Mail carrier:

while the need for careers to deliver parcels will always exist, the future does not look bright for conventional postmen delivering letters, this is mainly due to the fact that the items they deliver will not exist in 20 years due to online invoicing and viewing statements and paying junk mail going from your mailbox to your inbox and the long dead art of letter writing despite this companies continue to ask with irritation a utility bill as proof of address despite the fact that the majority of utility companies stopped providing paper bills a long time ago.


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