10 Reasons why you shoul eat 3 dates daily

Did you know that if you eat 3 dates every day for 1 week, you will experience impressive health benefits? These health benefits can be massive, like losing weight, dealing with stress better, and much more. We thought it would be a good idea to cover some of the amazing health benefits of dates fruit, because honestly it doesn’t seem like they’re getting enough love within the health and wellness community.


Here are 10 best benefits if you eat 3 dates every day.


Lose weight.

Dates have a few ingredients that make them an excellent choice to aid you in your weight loss journey. For one, they are full of fiber, which is a big help for your digestion. When you eat something that is fibrous, it takes your body longer to break it down. This slows down stuff in your intestines, and by the time it hits your stomach your body has had plenty of time to extract the right kinds of nutrients from whatever you ate. Eating 3 dates a day for an extended period of time should help you lose weight because the fiber will help you feel fuller for longer. There are also a lot of antioxidants in dates, which can help you lose weight too.

Antioxidants help your immune system, and they also contribute in ridding your body of dangerous toxins. Getting rid of the toxins or unneeded stuff floating around in your body should help your body utilize better protein and energy sources, and should also help you feel better overall.

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