10 Reasons why you shoul eat 3 dates daily

Fight off diseases in a big way.

One of the clearest health benefits of dates would have to once again focus on the antioxidants that they contain. If you are a person who doesn’t really pay attention to what’s in your food, this might not seem like a big deal, but the kind of antioxidants found in dates make a massive difference. Dates contain three major types of antioxidants, which we are going to break down one at a time. First there are flavonoids, which are primarily used to reduce inflammation. This is a truly powerful type of antioxidant, and it is being studied for its ability to reduce the risk of diabetes, alzheimers, and certain kinds of cancer too. Next is the carotenoid, which promotes heart health and could actually decrease your risk of getting eye disease as you age, such as macular degeneration. Finally, the third kind of antioxidant that helps your body fight off diseases is known as phenolic acid. This type of acid also has some powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and might decrease your odds of heart disease and cancer.


Improve brain function.

Until recently, we had no real ability to study the brain, but thankfully research is filtering in as of late to help with that pursuit. Dates specifically are being studied as they may actually help improve brain function, although some are still skeptical of that theory. Dates have a lot of anti-inflammatory properties—in fact, it’s one of the biggest benefits that they have. This helps your brain to fight inflammation that otherwise may go untreated, and this can help prevent Alzheimer’s too. Plaque can also form in the brain, which can lead to cognitive issues farther down the line. Adding dates to your diet can help with this, and to make sure that your brain remains sharp even as you get older.


You can cut out sweets from your life.

If you are consistently eating dates, then you may notice that you no longer crave sweets as much as you once did. This might have something to do with the fructose that dates produce naturally and how our bodies react to it. Fructose is not always the greatest thing for you, as it contains what is essentially sugar, but it is also better than the sugar that you find in store-bought products. In fact, using it as a substitute for plain white sugar, or the high fructose corn syrup found in sodas, snacks, and desserts, can actually help you lose weight and live healthier. Using date paste instead of white sugar can really help your body out, as white sugar isn’t really all that useful for our bodies.

Eating dates daily can help you to slowly wean yourself off of sugar, and to stem your appetite for sweets and desserts with something that is actually good for you.


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