Benefits of Dry Fasting (Secrets of Long Life)

Did you know that dry fasting can directly affect your ability to live a long, healthy life? It’s true, and there’s plenty of health benefits to intermittent fasting in general that aren’t often mentioned enough. While the risks of dry fasting are pretty low if you do it right, there are plenty of dangers if you aren’t fasting in the correct way, which is why we are also going to be covering what is dry fasting, as well as things like how to break a dry fast. With all that in mind.


Here are the health benefits of dry fasting, many of which are key to maintaining a long and healthy life.


Your cells will start to heal up.

One of the biggest advantages of dry fasting is that it can actually help you restore your body back to 100%. If you think you’re busy, imagine how much work your body is putting in all the time, not just digesting but also re-distributing nutrients and vitamins throughout the body. This doesn’t give your body much time to do things like run diagnostic checks and make sure that everything is running smoothly. When you dry fast, however, your body is a lot freer to do that kind of thing, and it can even help keep you cancer free.

When your cells become damaged, they can sometimes heal incorrectly, or mutate in some cases. This can create cancer cells, which spread and cause the disease. When you dry fast, your body is able to take a look at these cells and either properly repair them, or purge them from your body and replace them with new, healthy cells.

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