How does coffee affect the body by consuming one cup every day

It’s easy to focus on some of the negatives of drinking too much coffee, but we don’t often talk about all of the good things it can do for us too,  There are a lot of health benefits of drinking coffee every day, many of which can’t be found in almost any other drink. Whether you drink it because you like the taste or because it gives you the energy to get everything done in the morning, you are going to want to hear about this.


Here are what having 1 cup of coffee a day can do to your body


Your liver will thank you.

You’ve probably noticed how drinking coffee usually causes you to go to the bathroom, right? As much as this might be inconvenient, it’s also incredibly helpful to humans, as it can help out our liver in a major way. Coffee and the liver have a close relationship, as coffee has a protective effect on the organ. It doesn’t even really matter if it’s decaf or regular coffee, either, as both seem to have an equally strong effect on our liver as well as our overall digestive health. Research has shown that people who drink coffee regularly tend to be in a healthier range for their liver health than those that do not drink it often. This is another coffee benefit for the liver which can help you to purge toxins from your system. Your liver is able to work under better conditions, and this isn’t easily done without coffee to help get things moving.

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