How does coffee affect the body by consuming one cup every day

Strengthen your DNA.

As long as you don’t go overboard with it, coffee is a really versatile and healthy product. One of the craziest things that coffee is able to do for us is to strengthen our DNA. When you drink dark roast coffee specifically, your DNA strands are less prone to breaks, which is actually really important. When your body experiences a DNA break, it is forced to try to mend it, re-healing it and piecing it back together. The more that this happens, though, the more likely this could lead to a mistake, which you obviously would rather avoid. If your cells don’t correctly repair the strand of DNA, you could develop a tumor or cancer at some point, which is obviously something you would rather avoid if possible.


Improve your heart health

Is decaf coffee good for your heart? Yes, even more so than when it’s got caffeine in it. While both have their benefits, the big tiebreaker here is the fact that caffeine can put added strain on your heart as you continue to drink it. Caffeine causes our heart to speed up and even race if we have had too much of it. When this happens, it can put added strain on the muscle, and even damage our heart over time. This can lead to heart failure or damage, but that doesn’t mean that coffee doesn’t also have its own benefits to help your heart out too.

Drinking one or two cups of coffee, decaf or regular, you help your body ward off heart failure and give it a test run of sorts. This is especially effective if you already have a weak heart to begin with, and if you suffer from that, it’s even better for you to sneak in a cup of coffee or two to help support your heart. Even if it has caffeine, as long as you keep your coffee intake low you should still be getting rewarded more than punished for your choice.


You may be less likely to get diabetes.

For years, it seemed like everyone in the health and wellness community was asking the question “is coffee good for diabetes?” with the answer being uncertain for just as long. Evidence has proven that coffee is indeed good for you to fight off diabetes, and there’s a really interesting reason for why. Coffee helps your body process glucose, which is then turned into sugar to use as an energy source. The problem is that our body can hold onto this glucose and store too much sugar in our body which can turn into fat and complications like diabetes down the line. Because of this, drinking a cup of coffee can actually help our body to better utilize sugar and make it less likely to get bogged down by it. If you are someone who just can’t help but turn to a sugary snack every once in a while, drinking coffee everyday could be a good way to minimize any damage or risk that might have occurred.


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