How Dry fasting can have a profound effect on your health

Dry fasting is thought to have a variety of health benefits, some that you probably had no idea about. Successfully attempting a dry fast on a regular basis can potentially protect you from cancer, give you more energy, and a whole lot more, according to various studies. The health benefits of dry fasting are significant, and it feels like we are only just scratching the surface on what dry fasting might bring to the table for us.


Here are how Dry fasting can have a profound effect on your health


It can help you lose weight.

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You should not be denying yourself food or starving yourself to lose weight. But, if you do it properly, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that dry fasting can help you lose weight. This weight loss most likely occurs because of the extreme way that you are restricting calories, which is why you need to be careful before you attempt a dry fast. Going with essential vitamins and nutrients for extended periods of time can be risky if you aren’t properly preparing yourself, and by making sure that you are regularly hydrated. Regularly dry fasting can help you lose weight with minimal lifestyle changes other than your eating habits, but you should also be careful of the bounceback. Studies that have tested Muslims fasting during Ramadan have shown that although short-term weight loss usually tends to happen, it usually doesn’t stretch into long-term progress. Adding in some other lifestyle changes to go with dry fasting can help you keep that weight off, though.

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