How Dry fasting can have a profound effect on your health

Your immune system will operate more efficiently.

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A good way to think of dry fasting is sort of like a soft reset for your body. You may not even realize it, but most of our waking hours are spent digesting food and extracting nutrients from it. When you are intermittent dry fasting daily, you are giving your body breathers throughout the week to recover and switch focus a bit. We will talk a little bit about what that means for us later, but for now, just remember that your body goes into a sort of diagnostic mode when you are dry fasting. Since there are no liquids or foods to really worry about, your body focuses more on the little things, and this has a couple of benefits for us. One of the biggest ones is that our immune system becomes extremely motivated, hunting down and crushing foreign invaders, viruses, and bacteria that isn’t where it belongs. Dry fasting can help you fight off colds and sickness by regularly boosting your immune system, and making sure that you are ready for anything coming your way.


You might feel more grounded, or connected to things.

There is a reason that dry fasting is so heavily involved in the world ’s religions. Many people believe that dry fasting opens you up to the spiritual or emotional in a very unique way, and there is some evidence to suggest that this is actually the case. Dry fasting takes away food and water, which can have a powerful reaction on people, as they are things that we all become accustomed to and sort of take for granted. Taking them away for an extended period of time, and being forced to just sit with that seems to affect certain people in very interesting ways. Interestingly enough, there are some people that actually dry fast for their mental health, as well as some who do it to battle feelings of anxiety, depression, or general stress.


Your results may start to stack.

At this point in time, the theory that dry fasting sessions can lead to better results in future fasts remains up for debate, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t evidence out there. A 2019 study done in Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal found that participants did indeed have better success and results fasting after repeated attempts. The study has been repeated several times by several research groups and the findings remain largely consistent. Right now, we are still trying to figure out why this might be the case, though, and the safest ways that we can take advantage of this statistical anomaly. The thought that fasting more often can result in better results is a really interesting one, and it encourages people to fast as often as they are able to.


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