The Top 7 Vitamins to Reduce Prostate Enlargement

Vitamin D.

Studies have shown that most Americans are technically vitamin D deficient these days. This is thanks mostly to the indoor setting that almost all Americans work in, as well as a general lack of sun exposure. Vitamin D has shown truly promising results so far in its ability to aid in prostate-related illnesses, but the jury is still out. The sunshine vitamin, as it is often called, is effective at limiting the growth of the prostate and bladder, and there is now a pretty strong correlation between developing an enlarged prostate and not getting enough vitamin D. If you aren’t able to get enough vitamin D through sun exposure alone, that’s not an issue at all. You can easily get vitamin D either through supplements or through your diet. You can choose between prescription and over-the-counter vitamin D supplements, or just try and work it into your routine via food. If you are eating something like fish, tuna, or sardines then you are bound to get a really big boost in energy, but even if you just start drinking milk, yogurt, or even orange juice that is fortified with vitamin D then you should be able to avoid any sort of vitamin D deficiency.



When you give your body zinc, you are also giving your prostate a mineral that it can use to protect itself. Our prostates can grow for a real variety of reasons, and some of these we are just now discovering within the last few years.

Things like diet, lifestyle habits, and even career choice may play a part in why your prostate is getting bigger, so it’s much easier to recommend answers than it is counters. One of the best answers to an enlarged prostate would have to be zinc, since it helps to improve your immune system to better take care of your prostate. Zinc is really easy to introduce into your diet, and some of the foods for prostate enlargement issues include pumpkin seeds, oysters, lentils, cashews, and red meat. Zinc is a great preventative measure, since eating it won’t affect you in any major way. Even if you aren’t at all worried that you are facing prostate issues, you still can better protect yourself by introducing zinc into your diet. If you have any allergies, though, feel free to take zinc supplements instead, as it’s important you get the zinc in whatever way you are able to.


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