Top 14 Foods Can Help You Stop Craving Sugar

Whether you are looking to limit your sugar intake or trying to figure out exactly how to quit sugar, there are a lot of options out there. Foods that stop cravings can help you kick a nasty habit or even save you from potential sugar addiction in some cases. The sugar side effects can be harmful to your body as well as your mind, so you want to try and push away this potentially harmful substance as much as possible, at least until you have the situation more under control.


Here are Top 14 Foods Can Help You Stop Craving Sugar



Limiting your intake can be just as effective as going cold turkey, and far easier too. Most people will go for things like chocolate or processed sugary snacks or the like, but by reaching for fruit you can satisfy your craving without needing to bring in extra calories and a lot of processed sugars. Fruits like mango and grapes are very sweet, and will help you overcome that craving for sugar while also bringing in a ton of really healthy nutrients.


Dark chocolate.

Recent studies have shown that people are able to effectively counter their hankering for sugary sweets with dark chocolate, and that many people, women in particular, are already using this trick to great effect. Dark chocolate is healthier than regular chocolate, and actually has some good health benefits to justify any sugar intake that you are getting.

Dark chocolate is made up of almost 70% cocoa, and contains something called polyphenols that are good at fighting inflammation. A study also showed that polyphenols may actually help improve heart health too. Dark chocolate is low in sugar and high in these polyphenols, so you can feel better eating this snack every once in a while without the guilt and empty calories that other chocolates contain.

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