Top 8 vitamins to fight hair loss and reverse the aging process.

Are you experiencing hair loss and think there’s nothing you can do to stop it? Why not try some vitamins and supplements that have been scientifically proven to help you hold onto your hair? Vitamins for hair growth are definitely out there, and the community as a whole has made great strides within the industry too. For years there was nothing you could really do once you started to notice your hair thinning, but thankfully for all of us those days are long gone. So with all that in mind.


Here are list top vitamins and minerals to fight hair loss.


Vitamin B.

If you are trying to stop shedding hair, then you are definitely going to need a steady supply of vitamin B to help you out with that. Vitamin B is good for slowing the process of going bald, and it is essential to our bodies for a few reasons. For one, it helps to improve nervous system function, which is essential for your hair growth. B vitamins can also help you boost your metabolism, which can help your body get jump started and potentially stimulate hair growth. There are a lot of B vitamins that can be helpful for your hair growth, and we will talk about a few in greater detail soon. B vitamins have shown great promise as a way to hold onto your hair, and it has mostly to do with their ability to improve our nervous system’s function. Giving our body the ability to better transport precious nutrients or to navigate any potential issues gives you a big leg up when it comes to keeping your hair.



Biotin is another B vitamin supplement for hair growth, and one that people have found serious results with. Biotin, which is sometimes called vitamin B7, functions in the creation of red blood cells, which might actually help to stimulate your scalp. When your body produces these red blood cells, they will carry nutrients and oxygen to your scalp as well as your hair follicles. This helps to restore any fading hair follicles, and gives your scalp the foundation it needs to support healthy hair growth. Biotin also contains an ingredient called keratin, which is actually a main component of hair. Some researchers speculate that giving your body more keratin can speed up the process of hair restoration and help you to see results faster. Biotin can also help to moisturize your hair. Having those keratin proteins is big for hydrating your scalp, and the impact that this vitamin has on your system as a whole helps keep things moving as smoothly as possible.

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